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"What can Firelight Webware do for us?"

Whether you need a customer-facing website or an internal data management tool, we can provide full service support for your application. This includes domain registration and hosting, choosing a design or designer, development, testing, and continued maintainance. We've got it all covered.

"What kind of applications have you built?"

Most of what we've worked on has required custom programming solutions to achieve our clients' goals. We've built admin sites for managing custom data types, custom analytics for known users, dashboards, calculators (that work offline), and applications which integrate with third-party databases and other third-party services.

"I'm not sure if I need a web application."

Your website can be more than just a public-facing brochure for your business.

If your business has client data to manage, or that you would like integrated with your website, then you should contact us. If you want to track known visitors, then you should definitely contact us. If you wish you had a better interface for accessing your internal data, you should absolutely contact us. And if you think you could take advantage of integrating with a web service specific to your industry, then please contact us.

We want to help you get the most out of your technology.

"Are we locked in?"

Absolutely not! The codebase for your application can be easily made available to other developers. The language and framework are popular and attract many top-notch developers. And the domain and virtual server can be registered under your own account or transferred to you if you choose to terminate.

"I'm interested in the technical details."

We develop using Django and Django CMS. We'll register your domain with Namecheap. And we'll host your web application on a virtual server running Ubuntu.

The codebase for your web application will be version-controlled with Git and hosted privately on Github. This allows for rapid deployment of changes and easy rollback.